Scholarly Research Publisher

An International Publisher connecting Research and Practice to the Advantage of the World

Scholarly Research Publisher (SR Publisher), a non-profit institution, founded in 2014 with the objective of supporting education and research activities. It is an association of senior educationists, research scholars and business professionals serving various colleges, universities and business organizations in Pakistan and from around the globe. Central mission of SR Publisher is to enhance scholarly activities in academically lesser developed countries in Asia and Gulf states. SR Publisher is dedicated to supporting the activities of education and research in Social Sciences and attenuated disciplines. SR Publisher continues to pursue its very basic aims, such as:

1)     Supporting useful, valuable and ethical research activities

2)      Developing networks with learned societies and forums

3)      Promotion of educational activities

SR Publisher believes in open access research content and attempts to provide the Content free of cost to academically lesser developed Asian and African countries. The SR publisher proposes to manage a portfolio of journals, Conference Proceedings and Dissertations. 

SR Publisher provides an international and open access research platform for scholars, academicians, researchers, educationists, teachers and students, where they can share their novel and creative knowledge under one roof. Our society welcomes original and contemporary research work in fields of humanities, social sciences, business, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, human resource management, education, sociology, business relations, business law, history, sports, media sciences, linguistics, arts, music, public administration, information sciences, computer sciences, leadership, knowledge management, life sciences, physics, chemistry, space sciences and many more.

SR Publisher is really thankful to all the authors, readers, reviewers and editors for their contributions in upgrading the SR Publisher.

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